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Raqi, Ryan, and J-West on La Moving Mannequin: La Moving Mannequin is Raqi’s baby, it’s her first chance to give the world a glimpse of her fashion sense.  Ryan and J-West joined in as contributors to La Moving Mannequin.  This menage a trois of fashion lovers are truly kindred spirits. You can expect to see amazingness with this dynamic trio. The combination of Raqi’s over-the-topness, unique,sometimes peculiar artistic side meshes well with Ryan’s All-American style and J-West’s cool, hip, and fun side. What one lacks in perspective the others make up!!__________________________________________________________________________________________

RaqiBonjour Ma Chéries… Meet Raqi!! A small town girl with big city dreams. Aspiring fashion designer. Unapologetically true to herself. Trendsetter. Adventure junkie. Self proclaimed fashion and style guru. As a young pup she quickly learned that while fashion is universal…style is personal. She has always been slightly different from her peers but did not embrace her true colors until her twenties. She fell in love with fashion around the same time she fell in love with art, sometime in grade school. She is infatuated with abstract art, and therefore has an eccentric fashion sense. She is obsessed with all things unique, peculiar, and extraordinary. She detest all things mediocre, average, and considered the “norm.” She has been sketching fashions since 2003. In 2008, she decided to invest in her dreams. So, she bought “the singer” her first sewing machine. It was time to give her sketches LIFE. She taught herself how to sew and began making her own pieces and pieces for anyone who would give her the time of day. Her passion for fashion intensified when she studied in Paris, France in 2009. This new culture was très très interessant to Raqi. To say that she was in aw of Paris would be an understatement. She was head over heels in LOVE with Paris. From the people, to the cusine, to the archtecture, and most importantly their fashions. She opened up her sketch book in Paris, and out poured a plethora of innovative fashions that she didn’t even know she had in her. Paris was an inspiration to her. Her sketches became more refined, innovative, and funky. She turned up in Paris and has been on 100 ever since.


ryans bio pic (4) Classic American Style…A.K.A Ryan: The difference between fashion and style is that fashion is comprised of trends and fads that perpetually expire, and style evolves over time to become ever greater. Style is an expression of one’s self that changes and evolves over time but illustrates a person with no words. Ryan was raised in a place where stereotypes and trends defined a person’s style for them. Staying under the radar in his formative years his style evolved at a prehistoric rate. It was not until college where he blossomed in to the person he is now and his style evolved into the eclectic definition of who he is. Studying Fashion Merchandising in college, at Kent State University, helped him to understand fashion and learn the meat and potatoes of fashion but his love drove him to explore and fall in love with classic American fashion and learn that a great wardrobe is not about labels its about great pieces that are complimented by key accessories to build a memorable look that should never be put into a box. He learned that one should never be afraid to try something different.
joshGet to know J-West: Josh Weston is what you’d call, “Simply Loud”. A firm believer that less really is more. He understands the impact of having individual items. He developed his fashion conscientiousness where everyone else did…high school! With hallways more like runways he quickly learned to make his McDonald’s paycheck, Macy’s clearance rack, and wholesale clothing stores work in his favor. In this time he embraced fashion and developed a love for fashion. He discovered that fit was a foundation, color was a compliment, and accessories should make an outfit work, not worse. He very quickly became the go-to-guy for fashion advice from his peers. His fashion knowledge soon earned him a place at Gap Inc. where his fashion eye was further developed. In college he was given the opportunity to intern for the TV show, EXTRA, and was able to assist the show’s stylist with the daily task of dressing the host Mario Lopez and Tanika Ray. He is currently the merchandise coordinator for Beeline, a jewelery company based out of Europe and sold specifically at Gap inc.


La Moving Mannequin:


1. emotional, touching, affecting, exciting, inspiring, stirring, arousing, poignant, emotive, impelling
2. mobile, active, going, operational, in motion, driving, kinetic, movable, motile, unfixed
3. motivating, stimulating, dynamic, propelling, inspirational, impelling, stimulative


mannequin [ˈmænɪkɪn]

1. (Clothing & Fashion) a woman who wears the clothes displayed at a fashion show; model
2. (Clothing & Fashion) a life-size dummy of the human body used to fit or display clothes

3. (Fine Arts & Visual Arts / Art Terms) Arts another name for lay figure

[via French from Dutch manneken manikin]